Autorefresh Kibana dashboard in an IFrame


I've created a Kibana dashboard and set up autorefreshing - looks great when viewed in Kibana, however I want to embed this in a web page.

I've copied the embed iframe code the as both saved object and snapshot, but once used in an IFrame on a web page, the auto refresh doesn't work.

Here's the iframe source URI that is copied from Kibana:


What am I doing wrong?

I can get a dashboard autorefreshing in an IFrame, but only by removing the embed=true and then setting the autorefresh manually. This is no good, as I don't want the users accessing all the other stuff you get when removing the embed flag.

Version: 6.5.1, tried in Chrome and Firefox

I was also not able to get auto-refresh in embedded iframes to work in v6.5.1. However, I tried on v6.5.3 and have no issues. I recommend upgrading your Kibana version to the latest patch.

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Hmmm, I'll see if I can upgrade in our environment. Though it seems like quite a fundamental thing to not be working...


Hi there,
I'm new to Kibana and the forums, so my questions are fairly broad at this stage.

Like OP, I'm also developing a webapp that will display graphs from ES. Are Kibana iFrames the best way to visualize the data? Is there a JS library I can use to control the graphs a little better?

Some issues that I would like to address:

  1. Faster initial loading times for multiple graphs
  2. State management so graphs don't reload on page load
  3. Filters are applied to all graphs on same page

I'm sure I can find solutions to these issues using libraries. Does the g=() at the end of the iframe allow for programmatically changing things within my webapp?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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