Autoscaling api (basic license?)

is this feature part of basic license - Autoscaling | Elasticsearch Reference [master] | Elastic

is yes then, was not able to find below settings


  • If the Elasticsearch security features are enabled, you must have manage_autoscaling cluster privileges. For more information, see Security privileges.

As you are looking at the master documentation I do not think this feature has been released yet. Based on the initial note in the docs you linked to it does as far as I can see not look like a Basic license feature.

The documentation actually exists in 7.11 :wink:

It's just said that:

Autoscaling is designed for indirect use by Elasticsearch Service, Elastic Cloud Enterprise, and Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes. Direct use is not supported.

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Yes, we are using ECK on kubernetes and per this - Autoscaling | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic it says can be used with Elastic cloud on kubernetes

Autoscaling is not yet available on released versions of ECK.
You can read the documentation for the unreleased master branch here: Elasticsearch autoscaling | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [master] | Elastic

I believe it will be an Enterprise licensed feature.

You can refer to ECK 1.5.0 which is now publicly available and introduces experimental support for Autoscaling.
It is an Enterprise licensed feature.

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