Question - Autoscaling on Kubernetes with ELK

Hello all,

I am new in the ECK and Kubernetes environement usage and I am currently working on a school project.

We need to autoscale our kubernetes pods on 3 nodes, depending the workload of the pods on the nodes.
On these pods, we have Mariadb servers, web servers, web applications...
We were wondering if we could use ECK to send metrics to the Kubernetes API, so the kubernetes engine can choose when and where to autoscale, what do you think about that ?

Sorry if it is not enough technical language, but as a French, it is hard to translate what i think.
Thank you all !

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ECK is about deploying the Elastic stack on Kubernetes. It cannot be used to server metrics to the K8S control plane.

You can however use ECK to:

  1. Deploy components like Beats or Agent to collect metrics from your applications
  2. Send these metrics to an Elasticsearch cluster
  3. Use the Elasticsearch adapter for the K8S metrics API to scale your applications using HorizontalPodAutoscaler resources.

Note that the Elasticsearch adapter for the K8S metrics API is still at an early stage, any feedback is welcome.

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