Autosuggest need help:)


First of all sorry for my bad english... :slight_smile:

I would like to make an autosuggest module for keyword. My company have a social network. In this site i would like to help the user for choose the right keyword. We have multiple communities (35+) and all communities have 40+ keyword.
For exemple, in the water community if mr X post a text about the bottle of water i would like to suggest : water purification
I think i need to make a dictionnary for link word and keyword but i'm not sur is the best practice...

Today I use autocompletion. for exemple: if the user type wat... i compete withe a list of word starting by wat. (water, waterloo....)

Later i would like to make autosuggest for keyword but with analysis of the text. With some AI... I hope elastic is good for this too! if you have some reference its would be cool!

Thank a lot,
Best regards.


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