Average Aggregation


Is there a way to aggregate the average with filtering the 0 values?


time - 1
time - 0
time - 2
time - 1
time - 3
time - 2
time - 0

on Kibana i see that getting the average would be below computation :
(1+0+2+1+3+2+0) / 7 = 1.28

i want to compute the average excluding the zero's (0) values, below computation :
(1+2+1+3+2) / 5 = 1.8

Thank you in advance.

Hi again,

My scenario is I'm using "Vertical Bar Chart visualization" on Y-axis "Aggregation" -> "Average" I want to exclude or remove zero's (0) from computation as example above.

Can I use "json inputs" to filter the zeor's(0)?

Thank you

Hi Cocoi,

I think you want to filter the data used in the visualization. There's a couple of ways you can do this.

One is to create a saved search with a query like time:>0 and then build whatever visualizations you want to with that Saved Search.

Another is to use that same query directly in the visualization.

I also tried putting the time>0 filter in the advanced JSON input but didn't get that to work. But I could be doing something wrong.


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