Kibana Line Chart - Average - Limit input to range or min/max


looked now quiet a while though the forum, but without success. Only thing close was Average Aggregation

I am looking for a way to exclude values from averaging.

Lets say we have a line chart temperature over time. Temperature can go from -50 to 200. In case of errors the sensor value might be 65535. I still like to have the y axis adapted automatically to the current data range, but want to exclude the 65535 from the graph.
Maybe the "JSON input" can do this, but I did not find documentation that helped me.


Kibana Version 7.3.1


Couple of things to note:
This is an example of our JSON inpuy:
JSON Input

A text field where you can add specific JSON-formatted properties to merge with the aggregation definition, as in the following example:

{ "script" : "doc['grade'].value * 1.2" }

Also this is from our docs: In Elasticsearch releases 1.4.3 and later, this functionality requires you to enable dynamic Groovy scripting.

This is another example: {"script" : { "source" : "if(doc['geo.src'] == 'CN') return 0; else return 1"}}

Let me know if it works.


Hi Bhavya,

took me a moment to get it right, but yes, this works now in the 'JSON input' filed under Metrics > Y-axis:

{"script" : { "source" : "if(doc['ir'].value < 100) return doc['ir'].value; else return 1"}}

(But only with your answer. I have to say, the the Elastic Documentation is something that only helps to find things that you once knew. It is not helpful to gain new knowledge.)

Thanks you!!

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That is very helpful feedback Bastian.

Will pass it on.


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