Kibana line chart issue

I create a line chart, and the X-Axis as Data Histogram, the Interval is Monthly,
when there is no data in one month, the value will be ignore in the chart, But I want to it's show 0. Is there any way to set the value is 0, not ignore on this month ?

for example, there are to lines in this chart, there is any data on 2018-04 for the blue one, so it's be ignore on 2018-04, but I want to it show 0 in the char.


Hey @Wayne_Du, if you add the following to your "JSON Input" displaced under "Advanced" you should get what you're looking for:

@Brandon_Kobel Thanks for you response. Which version support this function ? My used the version is 6.3.1
I add you provide the josn, seen not work.

Hey @Wayne_Du, I'm seeing the same issue that you're seeing when using a Median aggregation, but when using a Count aggregation it works correctly. Would you mind opening an issue here

Thanks @Brandon_Kobel I submit issue

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