How to plot a line chart pointing to zero instead of smoothing out till end

As per attached graph, I am expecting that line graph should show some round circle if values after 5 on x axis are missing or just drop to zero on x axis.

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May I ask what version of the stack are you running?
Also, are you using Lens or the previous aggregation based editor to make the chart?

In the Lens editor there's the ability to choose which strategy to use for the presentation in case of missing values:

Thanks for reply. I am using 7.16.2
I tried all options available there for fill gaps.
I am using sum aggregation to plot that line.
Is there any way to cut the line if my field is not there for future business hours?

But it looks like there's data, it's not just interpolating there.
I've tried to reproduce a similar chart, and is it visible the areas with missing values as the line is dotted and not solid:

With the Zero interpolation configuration the dotted lines goes down between 0 (with 1 data point) to 3 (where there's another data point). Same for the end of the series.

Thanks, I dont see last 2 options from 'Visual Options' section. any different settings?

Those options have been added to recent versions, but the values set were the default anyway before.

Is there any option to break the line instead of sloping it down to zero?

You mean not drawing anything where there's no data in between?
That is the default gap handling strategy in Lens.

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