Line graph from 0

I've created a visualisation in Kibana (version 7.0.0) which shows a line chart for max duration split across the action type. Sometimes there is no data for that action for a period of time, as a result, my graph has floating lines.


I'd like this to start at 0. I've tried adding {"min_doc_count": 0} to the JSON input for my X axis, however, it doesn't solve the problem. Any suggestions?

I am using the Kibana visualisation UI to create my visualisations, I also don't have a great understanding of Kibana and Kibana visualisations but I've been researching and can't get a working solution.

I don't think this is possible using most of Kibana's core visualizations. However, I believe if you create your visualization using the time series Visual Builder, it has that behavior you are looking for by default... so you might try giving that a shot!

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