Visualization doesnt show float numbers

(Gidi Kalef) #1

Hi Guys ,

I have the following field

which mapped to float in my mapping ,
im trying to create line chart with max value (for Y-axis) and @timestamp for (X-axis)
and it show me nothing , attaching picture:

do you have any idea why it may happens?
Thank you !

(Guillaume Dufrenne) #2

in the timepicker => "last 5 years "
disable max value , set avg .

check data format in index pattern .=> screen

(Gidi Kalef) #3

i still cannot see , i check and set to avg and nothing is showing up

(Guillaume Dufrenne) #4

What is the type of the field m5 showed on the index patterns " * metrics *"

Is the index pattern * metrics * regrouping differents index ?

(Gidi Kalef) #5


the metrics regrouping only indexes of out metrics

(Guillaume Dufrenne) #6

In your kibana viz , check in "metric and axes" if you set bounds

(Gidi Kalef) #7

i enable Scale to Data Bounds but i still don't see anything

(Guillaume Dufrenne) #8

Do you see something if set only "count" on y axis ?

(Gidi Kalef) #9


(Guillaume Dufrenne) #10

It means ,it does not find any documents .

In your visualization go to "inspect>view request>response"

(Gidi Kalef) #11

checking soon

(Guillaume Dufrenne) #12

Change the date range in the timepicker
Set last 30d instead of last 15m

(Gidi Kalef) #13

ok no problem, i will do it in a hour.
i appreciate your help alot

(Gidi Kalef) #14

i followed your suggestion and this is the result:

(Gidi Kalef) #15


(Guillaume Dufrenne) #16

Can you show the query ?
there is a problem with the null value ..