Kibana 6.8.3 doesn't show numbers

Hi! I tried to create a simple visualization: one number value in date histogram. Values actually are in docs, but I receive only zeros on the graph and I can't fix it. Please help.

I thought the mistake is in wrong dates, but I have another number field which works fine with the same index and same dates.
All fields are refreshed.

You are running quite an old version of Kibana, so it's possible that this had been bug that was fixed in the meantime.

Some things that might help troubleshoot this:

  1. Is debt field of numeric data type?
  2. Are you creating a visualization from a saved search or index pattern directly?
  3. Are you using the right time field?
  1. debt_to_market_cap field is numeric data type.
  2. I am creating the visualization from index patter.
  3. There is only one date field, so yeah.

Does any other aggregation except max work on that histogram?

Others work in the same way.

I just tried this on 6.8.3 and it works as expected for me.

Could you go to Inspect data and paste the response from ES here? I'm trying to understand if the response is giving you the appropriate aggregated values or is it showing all zeros as well.

You can see inspect response in the question (third screen).

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