Visualize a number (integer field)


Hi all,

I want to visualize a simple integer field.

For e.g. my data is as below:

Number, Count

I want to plot a line graph with x-axis as 1,2,3 and corresponding y-axis as 20,30,50

Note: I tried with unique count/max/min etc but that is not what I want. In each case, it gives me the unique count of "Count" in my case, but not the actual value of the "Count" itself.

Count is an integer.

Please help.

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

I posted this data in Kibana dev tools Console;

POST test4/test
  "number": 1,
    "count": 20
POST test4/test
  "number": 2,
    "count": 30
POST test4/test
  "number": 3,
    "count": 50

I created an index pattern for that test4 data.

I created a new Visualization, selected Line Graph, and my test4 index pattern.

(NOTE: there might be more than one way to get a graph that looks like this)

I changed the metrics section from Count to Max of the Field "count".

I set the X-Axis bucket to Histogram with Field "number" and interval of 1.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Lee. Got it working.

(system) #4

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