Issue with number formatting, displaying integer values as floating point


I'm just getting used to using Kibana, so forgive me if I'm missing something. However, I did hit an issue that I wanted to place here to get some feedback to see how I can tackle it correctly.

This started with trying to display a column of data with values between 0 and 3. The line chart was what I looked at first, and utilizing a histogram aggregation for the X-Axis only seems to allow an increment of 1 between data points shown. This doesn't really help with the data that I'm trying to display. And having to deal with ranges would be way too tedious to say the least.

To overcome this supposed limitation, we ended up generating a Script Field which upscaled the results by a factor of 10. However, now I'm curious if there are formatting options that I could give the number field to display as if it were a floating point value (basically visually have it decreased by a factor of 10)? However, looking at the formatting syntax that is provided by Numeral.js this doesn't seem possible, or am I missing something?

This is a roundabout way to get to a graph that we are looking for, but please update me with some mechanics that I'm missing. And to help show exactly the current result, here is a picture of the current graph:

Here you can see that the X-Axis is in terms of Integer values, and all I wish to do is visually show them as decimal values. (i.e. 1 => 0.1, 14 => 1.4, 24 => 2.4, etc)

Thanks in advance for your help guys!

Kibana relies on Elasticsearch to run the Histogram aggregation, but the interval must be >=1, per ES documentation:

So, in addition to the "scaling up" solution you've already found, I can only think of running a terms aggregation on the numbers to get the topN results: