Kibana not showing values lower than 1


I am using Kibana v 7.6.2 to visualize some log data.

I have a problem when analysing data of decimal number values between 0 and 1.
e.g. 0, 0, 0.163, 0.037, 0.164, 0.25, 0.202, 0

I tried visualizing the data in a histogram, but all entries are in one bar at 0.
Even if I try to reduce the interval to 0.1 or 0.01 the problem remains.

Then I tried to just display simple metrics like maxium or average of the values, which is also all displayed as 0.

Do I have to change the granularity for this somewhere?


Hi, would you mind going to the Dev Tools console and check which numeric type the field you are trying to visualize is?

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Thank you for the tip!

The field was of type long.
I did not find a way to change the type.
So I had to delete all data again and load it in new.
Because I use Logstash anyways I simply cast the field value to float in my Logstash pipeline.

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