Kibana 7.3 log scale is capped at 0.1 and does not display smaller numbers

problem 1: when trying to display positive numbers like 1e-3 and lower on log scale on line plot, the minimum is capped as 0.1. Auto scale does not work well either. The only solution I found is to create a calculated field in kibana and artificially multiply fields value by some factor to bring them to "plottable" range.

problem 2: small floating point numbers (doubles) stored in elasticsearch are not displayed correctly in kibana. In kibana index pattern, I set number field formatting to '0.000e+1', and seems that it works for numbers that are < 1e-7. However, 1.5e-6 are not displayed correctly and simply rounded to 0.

are these known issues?

@jbudz / @tylersmalley - are these known issues - can u please shed some light here?


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