Kibana displays values such as 25.5 as 25.503


I have a issue I don't understand. I got some numerical fields formatted as half_float. All my data looks like this:


Looking at Discovery the numbers show up as above. However for some reason some visualizations such as the Table viz sometimes add extra numbers behind the dot and something like 25.5 shows up as 25.503.

Other data that has short as the field type and source data that looks like 1200, 1556, 3761 etc. always shows up as 1,200, 1,556, 3,761 in Discovery as well as visualizations.

I tried different field types and converting the data to integer, float etc. in Logstash but nothing seems to fix the above issue.

If you want to display them all with only 1 decimal point you can change the format of the field in the Index pattern.

Hi Marius,

I have been using the field format up until know but I would like to use the color format instead.
How come some visualizations are making up data that doesn't exist in the source document?

I think there it's due to how floating point number precision is treated in Javascript. We are working on improving this and also adding support for 64bit integers.

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