Visualized precision doesn't match field precision

I have a field that I'd like to visualize to 3 decimal points. In Settings>Indices I set the format of the field to "Number" with the default format "0,0.[000]".

In Discover I see the events to the expected precision and format.

However, when I create a line visualization, the precision is lost and the integer value is used.

How do I get the expected precision in my visualization?

This sounds like a bug to me, but I can't reproduce it in the latest versions of Kibana so it may have been fixed already. What version of Kibana are you using?

Could you also export the raw data for the visualization in question? Just click the little at the bottom of the visualization and click the link under the table.

Hi Spencer, thanks for the reply. I'm using kibana 4.1.1.

I've exported the raw table data, as well as the request/response json when viewing data in the discover tab.

Okay, this is very strange. Starting at exactly 5pm pacific today, the visualization suddenly started showing the expected precision. I didn't even touch the system that's logging this data today, and previously logged values still show clamped to (mostly) integers.

No idea what happened, but it's working now so I guess things are okay?

Something about 5pm pacific is causing very strange behavior. Yesterday at exactly 5pm the aggregation switched back to clamping to integer values despite high-precision data in the individual events.

Just noticed 5pm pacific = midnight UTC, which seems more relevant.

How are you ingesting the data? If Logstash, any parse errors in the logs around that time frame?