Problem with numbers

Hello, I have a problem when I import data.

I have Kibana 5.6.3.
in Management -> index patterns -> this field is correctl defined as a number with default format (i have also tested with a specific format 0,0.[000]

In my CSV file, I have a column with integer sums (5, 10, 20), and with decimals (5.99, 9.99, ...).

The problem is that Kibana does not show decimals, I just have 5, 10, 20, 9, ...
The mapping is set to "integer". Does the CSV have to have a particular format for the numbers ?


Thank you !

From Discover it's ok.

But From Visualize there is no decimal.

I dont understand why.

The field in the Elasticsearch mapping can only have 1 data type, so if you want to be able to work with decimals, the mapping should be one of the types that have higher precision than integer such as double, float, half_float, etc: Numeric datatypes | Elasticsearch Reference [5.6] | Elastic

The data in Discover shows the value from _source which is the original data that the document was indexed with. But the table visualization is an aggregation that shows the value as it is mapped.

Awsome ! It works !
Thanks !

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