Decimal numbers visualizations


I'm trying to show a sum of decimal numbers at Kibana.

I'm sending as a double variable to the index pattern. When I did the sum at kibana it appears like 0.

My index parttern has this format:

What may be the problem? Metric visualizations only support integer numbers?

Hi @gusgus1993 welcome to the community.

How / where did you sum the numbers?

Curious if this is a predefined metric or a custom field you created? If so did you create a mapping for the field?

How / where in Kibana are you trying to display the sum?

Hello @stephenb!

I sum the number with a metric visualization, creating a new index field:

The index field was created with uipath, as a double variable. The variable take the value of 0.17 or 0.34. If the value is an integer value it works perfectly, but i need to sum decimal numbers.

I'm trying to display the sum as a metric visualization.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hello, this is an example of the field:


Hi ... trying to follow along.

1st Image is in Index Pattern field management page... OK good, but that does not necessarily determine how a field will be displayed in a visualization after and aggregation like sum is applied.

Can you tell / show me which visualization you are using? I can not tell

Can you show me the rest of the visualization setup up looks like?

Can you then show me what the result looks like?

The visualization that I'm using is Metric:

I'm gonna show you the rest:

And there is data in the last 24 hours?

What version of Elastic / Kibana?

Yes : Metrics Visualization supported Decimal Numbers

Yes seems odd

Some other things, try max instead of sum see what you get.

This feels like a formatting thing....

Also in the index pattern can you just change the format back to default and see what happends

Hello @stephenb,

I created a new log field again and it works perfectly.

I think the problem was that the information that i provided firstly was integer value. Then, I changed the field to double and it didn't refresh.

Thanks for your help!

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