Less than 1 Interval values?

While creating histogram, I noticed the interval value is integer only. I have data where one of the fields ranges from 1-3 using decimal values. So I really need to be able to have interval values of numbers like .2, .4 etc.

How can I use decimal values less that one for intervals? I can't change the source data and charts have to show the real value (so can't use calculated fields x100 for example).

This is an Elasticsearch limitation at the moment https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/4847

The only option is to modify the source data, or perhaps create a scripted field. If you wanted to get fancy, you might be able to store the data in an easier to use format but create a custom field formatter to make the data look normal in Kibana.

Thanks, I +1 the github issue.

I may try some of those suggestions, thanks! Still learning ES.