Simple arithmetic in a Kibana visualization

I'm using Kibana's "Metric" visualization to get a count of all my docs (literally the simplest thing).

But I want to multiple that value by 100 so the value the visualization displays is the count * 100.

I tried to use the json field but this does nothing (makes no change to the number the visualization shows):

Edit: I have a better understanding of my problem. I created a new pie chart visualization and added this json input and it successfully alerted the values for a specific field:

{ "script" : "doc['myfield'].value * 1.2" }

But what I'm doing is different because I'm not altering the value of fields but the actual count of the docs. Is there like a environment variable I can use in the json input box that represents the count of docs or like the count of all events for the metric?

What version of kibana are you using?

You can do this with the a Time Series Visual Builder Visualization on the Metric tab in v 5.4.


im on 5.3.0 is this impossible to accomplish with my version?

Unfortunately no, I recommend upgrading.

This is obviously outside the scope of my original question but can I upgrade in place? Like yum update from the ES repo? I currently have it pinned at 5.3. for the kibana package. Are upgrades like this supported/not a bad idea?

The safest bet is to follow the steps here: and

Since you would be upgrading from 5.3 to 5.4 you can do a rolling upgrade for elasticsearch:

and a standard upgrade for Kibana:

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I cant run kibana 5.4 with ES 5.3?

@red888 you'll want to keep the version of Kibana matching the version of Elasticsearch to ensure there aren't compatibility issues.

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