Math in Metric Visualization

I am trying to create a metric visualization that shows the system memory in GB (from Metricbeat's system.memory field). However, I was it to display in GB and the field value is shown in bytes (binary). How/where do I add arithmetic to the visual so I can convert this to make it more human readable? And if this is not possible in the visual, can I do this further upstream (e.g., in metricbeat.yml)?

  • I am on version 8.3.2 for all Elastic Stack components.
  • A similar discussion said this can be done in TSVB, but what about the Metric visual?

HI @Tim_Mobley

You should use Lens Not the legacy metric visualization.

I think this will happen automatically if you use Lens

You can set the format to bytes.

Yyou can go to the Data View find that field and tell it the kind of format you want. Which should be already set for in known metrics.

You don't need to do math for sure.

Lens ... No Math Human Readable

There is even the new cool Gauge in Lens I did have to set Format to Bytes

And you know there are a bunch of the Out Of The Box Dashboards ...

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