Metric visualization and formatted display of timestamps (5.5.0)

I have a metric visualization with min. and max. timestamps. Prior to version 5.5.0, the visualization would format their display as human-readable text, e.g. "July 13, 2017 12:00:00" but in version 5.5.0 the numeric long value is displayed. Is there anything I can do to display it formatted again, perhaps in the 'advanced" section of the bucket (or any other way)?


Hmm that's odd, I'm still getting human readable dates by default. If you go the index pattern management screen and click the pencil icon next to the field you're aggregating on, is it recognized as a date type field and what is the "Format" set as?

Here's what the field edit screen should look like:

Thanks for responding Matt. The format was set to default. I set it to Date, it displayed the format as in your screenshot, and clicked Update Field then viewed the visualization and it still displays the long :frowning:

Ok I have more info. My metric actually has a count as the first metric then the min/max @timestamps. If I remove the count, the timestamps display formatted. If I put the count back in, the longs are displayed.

Ah ha, looks like a bug! If you put the count at the end, it gets formatted as a date too :sweat_smile:

I filed a ticket on our Github repo. Thanks for digging in and helping us find this issue!

No problem. Thanks for filing the ticket. I'll create separate visualizations for now.

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