Formatting output in a metric visualization

I'm having a couple of metric outputs to show average processing times, but I get alot of decimals in my answers.

Visualization edit view

I've tried to set the number formatting for the field I'm calculating the average from, but still there is alot of decimals.

Number formatting.

Any ideas?


That doesn't look like the the same field is being used in your metric visualization. You have Task time as the field used in the first screenshot and another one in the second screenshot. Are you using that second field in something like a scripted field?


TaskTime is used in both places, and both TaskTime and kpiData.Execution Time (Clock).long are formatted with only one decimal.

Ok, trying to track down the issue. Are you using 5.6.0 or a newer version of Kibana? If not, you might be encountering the problem that has been fixed in this PR:

I'm using 5.6.1. Should I upgrade the files as in this instruction?

I just checked this locally and it looks like it's a regression. It seems that the average metric doesn't take in account the formatting for the field if you do a Split by field, like you're doing there.
I've opened a new bug on this here:

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