Show the number in a graph


i transfered a log into logstash.
in this log, there is a number.

with the filter, i make a field and there i save the number.
And now i want Kibana to show just these Number.

i don't need a aggegation, how can i do this?
it is posssible?

the target is:
x-axis should be Date histogram
y-axis the number

Thank You for your help

That's not possible unfortunately.

i'am sad to hear that.

Do you think there is another way ?

thanks for your fast answer and help

An Average Metric? Provided that you use a small-enough interval.

Another option is to develop a custom vis. It's not so hard.

Let me know if you need a hand with that.

Thanks for the reply.

But i had a solution for my problem,
all is fine, it works now.

Just for Info:

  • i transferred data to logstash
  • in logstash i grok the message, so i got field and value
  • my problem was, that the value was a string (you can nothing do with a string on the y-axis)
  • so i convert the value to an integer
  • and now i can use the value as i want