Line graph Visualization

(Manoj 13) #1

Why is that line graph visualizations does not mark exact points at times ,just like the one in image below , Graph does not plot for value zero.What could be the reason and how to overcome that?

(Joe Fleming) #2

On the purple chart where you've circled it, are you saying that the missing point's value there is actually zero? Or does that point simply have no value?

In the first case, I'd expect the line to go to zero. In the second, there should be a break in the line.

(Manoj 13) #3

Yes the purple chart must point to zero because no data is available at that point but still the graph maintains a constant value.

(Joe Fleming) #4

This seems like a bug to me. Maybe it's expected behavior, but it seems wrong, and we both seem to agree on that. I looked in the UI for an option to drop missing values, but did not see anything like that. I'd encourage you to open a bug on the Kibana repo.

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