Absence of some X.AXIS values in Bar chart or line chart

Hi every one

I want to make a bar chart or line chart based on a string value or either number in X.AXIS. The point is for some of these value in x axis, there is no value in the data set so I won't have those values in x.axis.
For example, I want to show the "Count" of events in each day of week in a bar chart or line chart but no event has been happened on Monday. Then I will have 6 values (instead of 7) in x.Axis . Is there any way to have Monday with value 0? The same issue exists for Line chart.


What type of aggregation (buckets) are you using for the X-axis?

I am using Filters and Terms aggregation for Bar chart and Terms aggregation for Line chart.

I think you must be starting with a Date Histogram first if you want to see dates along the X-Axis?
The chart in this case will show the dates for the time range you have specified. In my case March 16th - April 7th even though there's no data for many of these dates. But the table doesn't show "0" for the other dates. I don't think there's any way to make it do that.