How to plot missing values in graph

Version 7.9

I have certain numbers plotted in the xaxis from 1 to 54 , But the index does not have continuous value.So xaxis only plots numbers that are available like 7,15,10,22. My requirement is to show all the numbers in xaxis even if data is not there. Can I plot xaxis in such a way that the numbers are shown continuously and the graph shows zero value for data not prsent.

I found the interval concept in Lens , but its plotting only from 7,8,9,10,.
0 to 7 is missing in xaxis an only bar works for this .

Line graph only plots available data

If you use aggregation based visualization, you can use extended_bounds option.


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Also is there any way we can show the month data chronologically ..Currently its string field and I am sorting it based on a time field associated with it.
Also Is there any option we can plot the missing values here also in case of months coming in as string

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