Line chart month

I am using kibana 4.5 if I draw a line chart with date along x axis ex January 1 16 to January 31 16 and for next entry I start with February 1 16 in the graph rather than displaying February 16 its displaying as January 16 that is the value assigned to February 16 is overloaded in January 1 16.CAn you help me how to proceed with this

Can you share a screenshot? Are the dates showing the wrong data? Or do you want different dates?

I am plotting values from.January 1 to January 31 and from February 1 to February 28.January's data is printed exactly along January's date but for February month example if I give Feb 1 corresponding value as 20 the data 20 is again plotted in January 1 along with januarys original data

What I need exactly is plotting line chart for monthly status

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