Canvas - Line Chart Element with Date for X Axis - Sometimes displays timestamp, sometimes doesn't

I have a line chart element in Kibana canvas with a timestamp being used as the X axis.

Depending on the results of the query behind this element, sometimes the X axis will show date and time (ex: "Nov 11 00:00") and sometimes it will show just the date (ex: "Nov 11").

Is there anything that can be added to the "Expression Syntax" of this element to force the display to be consistently one way or the other?

This should depend on the time range of the query (caused by a query filter or a time range filter applied to canvas) depending on that time interval, we apply a different time formatter to show the most important part of the date on the x axis.
The current implementation of the Line chart in Canvas doesn't respect the global formatter configured in the Kibana Advanced Settings unfortunately.
A possible workaround is to create a visualization using Lens or Visualize and change the Kibana Advanced Settings -> Scaled date format to your set of defined formatters for each specific data range

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