Timeline in Chart

How can I display the time along the x-axis in the Line chart?

visState of chart (Kibana 5.3)

"title": "Conversation",
"type": "line",
"params": {
"addLegend": true,
"addTimeMarker": true,
"addTooltip": true,
"defaultYExtents": false,
"drawLinesBetweenPoints": true,
"interpolate": "cardinal",
"legendPosition": "right",
"orderBucketsBySum": false,
"radiusRatio": 9,
"scale": "linear",
"setYExtents": false,
"showCircles": true,
"aggs": [
"id": "2",
"enabled": true,
"type": "date_histogram",
"schema": "segment",
"params": {
"field": "@timestamp",
"interval": "m",
"customInterval": "1m",
"min_doc_count": 1,
"extended_bounds": {},
"customLabel": "Time"
"id": "3",
"enabled": true,
"type": "avg",
"schema": "metric",
"params": {
"field": "Conversion"
"listeners": {}

this seems like a bug. do you mind opening a github issue for it ? https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues

Is it only I have such a problem?

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