Kibana issue in line graph

HI ,

I want to have the line graph for the Metricbeat where x axis for time range and y axis is for percentage for example system.core.system.pct value and compare for last days which i want to add it int the y axis so each line indicates the Days

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Hello @dilipchiru

Have you tried using a Line Chart?

You might look at Kibana's included sample data and visualizations to see if you can find something similar to your needs.

Hi ,

thanks for the reply i want to create the graph similarly like this on the kibana:

Please help to create it on the Kibana

I'm happy to help but I need a specific question in order to help you. Do you have kibana up and running? Do you have your data available in kibana? Are you able to use that data in a line chart?

Yes everything is available as per the need But i want to design similarly on the line graph for kibana

Sorry, I think its taken me a bit to understand your question. I think the core of it is how to graph multiple days over the same time scale. A couple different approaches can be taken. I'd suggest creating a scripted field that extracts the hour into a field and another that extracts the day as a keyword. You'll lose time resolution but perhaps this is acceptable.

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Sorry for the late reply please give me some sample use case i am new to kibana

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