Time line visualisation

Hi all,
i'm trying to build a time line visualization on kibana using Date field on X axis and Terms field on y Aces, but i see that all Kibana visualization must have a metric on y-axis, which is a count or avg and so on.. metrics, how i can find only terms on y-axis and timefield on x-axis.

that is my CSV. Data

can someone help, thank you in advance

hi @bab ,

I guess it depends on the exact chart you would like to make.

  1. A "heatmap" is maybe what you are looking for.

On the X-axis it shows time, and the Y-axis shows your categories. Each cell is colored with a metric (in this case, the numbers).

You can get there by selection the "aggregation based" visualizations.

  1. Another option is maybe a line-chart?

You can do this in Lens.

  • X-axis is your date-field
  • Y-axis is the metric (e.g. count)
  • select "break down" by category

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