How to get stacked line chart to ignore no-data values

Whenever I choose stacked mode to display data, I will always get the line to dip to 0 if I don’t set my data update interval to be high enough. How can I prevent this?

See attached

What I would like to see instead is the lines moving across instead of dipping to 0.

I tried this too on my local set up, but found the line chart dipping to zero just like yours. See attached.

I asked our engineer here at elastic and this is what he opines: The reason it dips to zero, is because ES responds with empty buckets . We can't determine if that is no-data or 0-values, so we drop to 0. This is intended behavior ..So the work-around is increasing the time-interval, for more coarser buckets.

Also feel free to open an enhancement request here:


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