Treat missing data as zero

when defining a visualization, is there a way to treat missing data as zero? i have counter data flowing into elastic but only when the counter has a >0 value does it get written to elastic. so i might have some counter with a series of positive values and then no values for a period of time. kibana graphs this to the last positive value and then stops. when there is no data for this counter I'd like kibana to graph it as having a 0 value. possible? and if so how do i define this via the kibana UI? I tried adding this {"min_doc_count": 0} to advanced json but doesn't seem to be working. what am i missing?



The advanced json with {"min_doc_count": 0} should work for thus,

Can you please let me know which version of Kibana are you in?


7.1.1. See below. Am i missing something?

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