Average for a string field in Kibana visualization

Hi all,

I'm trying to find average for a string field and I want to show in a bar chart in Kibana by date.

In my dataset, Say I have hundreds of computers with a computer_id ( string field).
I have hundreds of Virus attacks in my computers with virus_attack_id( string field).

I can project just sum of virus attacks in all my systems in bar chart.

How do i display average virus attacks i.e count of virus attacks / number of computers as both my fields are string fields?

Hi @Sandeep_Raju ,

have you tried already to build a Metric visualization in Lens with a formula like:

count(kql='virus_attack_id: *') / count(kql='computer_id: *')

It is also possible to set the Percentage format to have a ratio of computer infected:

Thank you. Yes, It works in lens.

Another way I found out is by using TSVB
Then take count of both terms.

THen take Bucket script and use formula like above.

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