Average system.cpu.system always near 100%

Hello, i don't know if it's supposed to work like that but i tried to visualize the cpu usage (system.cpu.system.pct) and the memory usage (system.memory.actual.used.pct) but in both graphs the value make a straight line near 100%.

For the cpu i tried to split by core.id but if i do that the value does a straight line near 0% and i have only one line.
FYI i'm trying to do someting like the graphs in the task manager on windows.
thanks in advance for your reply.

@Arnolin have you configured metricbeat with the correct cpu metrics? Please try to enable normalized_percentages and then query system.cpu.system.norm.pct. That will show you a normalized cpu usage always less than 100% even when u have more than one core.

I tried with the normalized percentages but now i have a flat line a 0.0%

In order to debug this, try checking the values with the discovery tab, so you see what gets reported.

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