CPU utilization visualization showing 0 % always

Hi team,

I am trying to create the time series visualization in Kibana for CPU usage on the server, but CPU utilization is showing up as 0% all the time.

However, data for the fields system.cpu.user.pct, system.cpu.system.pct, system.cpu.cores are showing up on the discover page. It's just that when we add these fields in visualization it shows 0% CPU utilization.

-The data were collected from metricbeat.

-The average of system.cpu.user.pct, system.cpu.system.pct, system.cpu.cores was calculated and then each average was stored in 3 different variables. then Using painless Script -->( params.n > 0 ? (params.user+params.system)/params.n : null )

Metricbeat version : 6.8.0

Please suggest some workarounds.

try filtering the visualization for the metric that has a value like system.cpu.system.pct : *

check which aggregation you're using too - maybe try an Average or Last Value / Top hits

Unfortunately, I don't have any visualization with system.cpu.system.pct working
I am attaching the screenshots of discover page where we can see the system.cpu.system.pct, system.cpu.user,pct and system.cpu.core has data but the visualization screenshot shows cpu data is not getting populated

Kindly help, please

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