always shows 0% in visualization even though values are there


I'm trying to create the visualization for CPU utilization by using to show the total utilization of CPU but visualization shows always 0% even though there is value (I can see some value in discover page).

In metricbeat configuration I have used normalized_percentages.

Kindly let me know need any information.


Hi Prasanth,

could you please provide some more information:

  • kibana and es versions
  • which visualization you are using
  • screenshot of your visualizaiton config
  • if visualization supports inspector: copy from request and response
  • have you tried using a different visualization ? do you get any data then ?

thank you


  • kibana and es versions (Both are 6.5.4)
  • which visualization you are using (I have checked with all the visualization. In all visualization it shows as 0%)


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