Visualize CPU usage

i am trying to create graph like How to visualise cpu usage out of 100% but instead of percent values, I'm getting the integer ones. I am using version 7.2 (Kibana,Elastic,Metricbeat). I use Average for field. If i set Metrics & Axes -> Y-Axes -> Mode=normal, I'm getting 1 to 2 values for Y (for 2 cores?). If i set Metrics & Axes -> Y-Axes -> Mode=percentage, i get a straight flat line of 100% even though the server has no load (~0%). What i wanted to see in the Y axis is percent values 0% to 200%.

I'd Appreciate any help/tips.

Hi @SirJune,

Instead of setting Mode: percentage, try keeping Mode: normal, and instead set a custom extent by ticking the Set axis extents box with a min: 0 and max: 2.

This should give you the percentage values on a scale of 0-200%.

Let me know if that works!

Thank you lukeelmers! I changed the settings to what you described and it did not show the percentage scale. pretty much it came out like the v1 image on my original post.