Avoiding unwanted queries

Relatively new to Kibana so I like to think there is something obvious I'm just missing here but whenever logged in and switching between tabs queries are run before a chance to set or change filters such as the time range, a query string, etc. We are on Kibana 5.2.0 currently

So for example if you view a Dashboard with a 7 day summary of some specific data, then switch to the Discover tab I either have to think and remember to change the time range to something small and reasonable like the past 15 minutes before changing tabs or a * query is often automatically run on all of our data for 7 days attempting to grab a huge and unneeded chunk of data, as I'm usually switching to it just to query something specific but I can't enter the query string until I get to the page. And I shouldn't really have to depend on thinking about and adjusting the time range to query until I'm on the new page.

Is there some way to avoid this that is user friendly i.e. not just requiring users to always remember and not make mistakes? It seems like there ought to be some way to avoid querying until you are on a page and have had a chance to set filters appropriately.

There isn't a a straightforward way to do this currently. It may be worth adding a comment at https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/7238 or opening a new issue with an enhancement request.

Thanks for your swift reply Jon.

I'll try adding a comment to that issue and I think I may enter another one as well. That enhancement certainly would provide a mitigation but I consider the UX design submitting sometimes very large queries that the user doesn't even want to send more of a defect than just a enhancement request.

Even if the time range is set to one of the shortest options like 15 minutes during some times of day that can return 600K+ results with the data we are processing, much more if they have been dealing with a longer timeframe.

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