Converting Search Query To Filter

I have a query I've built in the search menu I'd like to convert into a filter, if it's possible. I've tried it but I end up getting an error where it expects the end of the query but gets more. Below is my current query, the point of this is that, 1. I've read that filters are faster than search bar queries and 2. This is for a dashboard that is user facing and filters are more presentable, in my opion, than a search bar query.

edge.timestamp_start >= 1234567890 and ( ("" or "") and client.request.uri: "/covid-19") or ("" or "")

Hi Walker

Which error did you receive? You should take a look of the AND OR combinations here. Do I understand correctly that you're building a Filter with query DSL? Like this?


Yes, that is how I am trying to build the query. In your example, after the closing bracket on query string, I am placing a comma, new line, then opening bracket to next search parameter.

Could you share the error that is thrown?

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