Faster queries

(Shahar Mor) #1


I was wondering if there is any significant performance increase if i use a filtered query like this:

    "filtered": {
        "filter": {
            "bool": {
                "must": [
                        "term": {
                            "_cache": true,
                            "action": "download"

Instead of using the DSL like this:

Specifically i was wondering regarding the following things:

  1. Performance - Both for the first query and for following ones (with different dates)
  2. Useability - For example if i want to add an additional filter now, in the first example (The filtered one) i will have to beautify the query, find exactly where to put it, minify it again, and put that in the query box, while for the second query i have simply do: action:download AND file:XXX for example.

Is there a way to put the filtered query in kibana but not also show it in the query box? So extra filters with use the default kibana filtering

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