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To make a query in Kibana, we used to write a request like @fields.CPAID:"KO_GEKKO" AND @fields.CUSTID:"12", or select the "+" button to add a part of the request in the query in Kibana 3
But know (Kibana 6) we have a filter mode and when we click on "+" button, a filter is set up.
Can you please tell me how it is possible to use only query request ?"

Filter mode is not usefull to our way to work.

Thanks for your help.

(Thomas Neirynck) #2


the query-bar is still there. It runs on top of Kibana, on top of the filter-bar with the plus-button. You can continue to write Lucene-queries in there.


(Olivier) #3

Thank you but we'd like to make "automatic" request on this bar. Exemple on click on "+" button, the bar fields in and not the filter

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