Confused about filter "bar" for Kibana visualization

Sorry for not knowing a lot since I am very new...

I have been playing around with using the sub aggregations in Kibana's visualization tab. One aspect of it I don't understand is the filter metric. You can specify a new sub bucket to be of type filter and then it creates a new text field below it called "filter 1." I have figured out that you can type words in it and then Kibana will filter the elastic search data with those words. However, what I am curious about is how to limit the scope of the filter. Can I make it only look at certain fields? Can I pass it filters like I can on the console? Is there a better way to filter data based off one field that shares values with other fields in the same "data point"?

I have been reading a lot about how to use filters from the console, I'm just curious how to use that textfield in the visualization editor.

The filters in the filter aggregation support the Elasticsearch query string syntax which does support limiting terms to a specific field and a whole lot more

fielda:foo fieldb:"bar baz"
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but is that the same in the filter bar I described? The one in kibana? Because if I pass a query like it describes in the link it doesn't work.

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