How to apply filter in kibana visualization


I want to filter a specific visualization : a vertical bar chart in my Kibana Dashboard. I don't want to use Control visualization because the filter should be only applied on this bar chart.

Example : I created a bar chart with some events :
{"name": X, "age": 22, is_ok: True}
{"name": Y, "age": 36, is_ok: True}
{"name": Z, "age":24, is_ok: False}

I need to print only value with field is_ok = True in the bar chart.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot,


So you don't want to use the global filter, you want to add a specific filter to one visualization in a dashboard right? if that's the case, this is currently not possible.

What you can do is use a custom time range for a visualisation


Hi matthias,

Yes, that's what i wanted to do

Thank you for your reply


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