Adding specific filters to Kibana charts and accessing docs

Hello everyone,

My questions are twofold as the following:

First, is it doable to add custom filters on a Kibana chart for a dashboard? Like with the filter choice on an x-axis but in a different way. As an example, adding a dropdown list on/beside Kibana chart with each item clickable denoting some query.

Second, when clicking on a specific point/bar on a chart, as we know, the interval (if was chosen as x-axis) is further limited to that selected period. What I am desiring to do, is to click on a specific point and after that, the system forwards me to the documents/actions/events occurred at that point, not further limiting the interval. Is that doable?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


  1. You might be able to accomplish this by creating a markdown visualization with different links that link to the same dashboard with different filters applied. If that doesn't make sense I'm happy to provide an example.

  2. The closest thing you can do is add a "search" to the dashboard (which will list the documents that apply to the given visualizations). Then, when you click on the visualization and it limits the interval, the documents in the list will also be limited. Please let me know if I can provide further help.

Many thanks Lukas - really appreciated.

Can you please provide me with, if exists, a documentation for that?

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