Filtering x-axis by using custom intervals in kibana visualizations

I have a requirement as the following.
When a Kibana visualization contains a x-axis, can we add an interval options list to filter the x-axis like the drop-down list in Kibana Discover.
Curently I'm using Elasticsearch 7.0.1 and Kibana 7.0.1.
Currently we can define the interval when we create a visualization. But I need that to be selected when it is displayed inside a dashboard. Is it possible to add a interval options to a visualize to be filtered in the dashboard level?

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Hi @isharamadhawa,

thanks for reaching out. That's currently not possible, but definitely an interesting idea. If you want to, you can open a feature request in our Github repository. This way it will get more attention.

By using the "auto" interval on all visualizations, you can implicitly control the interval by setting the time range. E.g. if you want daily buckets, you can just choose a time range of more than 50 days.

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Hi @flash1293,

Thank you for your response.
As you suggested I have opened a feature request in Github repository.
If anyone has come up with a similar kind of question here is the github feature request I have opened.

Thank you

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