How to get smaller intervals on x axis in bar visualization?


Just upgraded Kibana to 7.11 and started using Lens to create visualizations. I'm creating a bar visualization using the interval function on the x axis. I would like to set a smaller interval than I can get using the slider. Is there a way to do it? The bar visualization is showing time in minutes on the X axis, with values from 0 to 240. I would like to have 1 min intervals for the visualization. With the slider I can only get 5 min as the smallest interval. Any advice?


Hi, I'm one of the Lens developers- in 7.11 we added extra tooltips to this specific function to try to explain the options you have. Without explaining more, I think the answer to your question is already in the tooltips.

Other than the setting that we recommend changing from the tooltip, there is another option: create 240 individual ranges using the Range option, or use 240 KQL filters.

Thank for the quick reply! If you mean the tooltip that you get when the mouse is hoovering over the question mark after "Intervals granularity", it is not possible to read. It is just flickers. I can see it for a very short time, too short to read it.

You're saying that you see flickering on this particular "how it works" button? We're working on another flickering issue and will take a look at this one.

In my install it looks slightly different:

I'm running Ubuntu and the installed version is:

apt-cache policy kibana
  Installed: 7.11.0
  Candidate: 7.11.0

Got it- this is a bit of a preview of what it'll look like in 7.12

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