Is it possible to drive a kibana dashboard with custom filters?

Is it possible to drive a kibana dashboard with custom filters ?
I mean like have a set of checkboxes which i can select/unselect to change the display results ?
My example is this ..
I want to create kibana dashboard with 4 pie charts …
each of them is querying the same dataset but representing different perspectives
I want to add a filter facility that will allow people to select/unselect checkboxes that change all the 4 graphs
The content of the filters is one of the fields that is part of the dataset that is represented in the graph

Concrete Example :
Visualize the content of a directory with 100 folders
Graph 1 : Distribution of extensions as piechart
Graph 2 : Distribution of extensions and file sizes
Filter : Show list of top level directories which show all as selected and when they unselect a directory , Graph1 and Graph 2 updates to exclude the datasets that reflect that.

@soneymathew, from Discover you can create filters which will carry over to the Dashboard. You can copy that URL and create a Markdown visualization and place it on the Dashboard. Users could then click the link to update the Dashboard.

Another option would be to create the segments in a pie chart, and users could click the segmented key within the visualization to add the selection as a filter.

I was hoping for a real slick experience this might dampen the experience as well and lot of work to create all possible links :frowning:

Feel free to open an issue for a feature enhancement:

What you are looking at here is a custom visualization (a Plugin).

I can develop this for you, if you want. Check out some of my Kibana Plugins at

If you like to do so yourself, I can give you pointers and advice.